NCFR 2013 Day 1-2

Hey, everyone!  It’s Ashley here, one of the undergraduate students from the HDFS Department at Purdue.  It’s Thursday (Day 2) of the conference & although our flight only got into San Antonio at 11:30pm Tuesday night, we have been on the go ever since.  It’s been such a great experience thus far!  As soon as we got to our hotel, which is gorgeous,  we went straight to bed because we were all exhausted from traveling.  First thing yesterday morning (Wednesday), we presented our paper during the morning session and then had an authentic Texas lunch at Pat O’Brien’s with Justin Briggs and Dr. Amber Seidel, who we worked with at Purdue during her post-doc year, but has since moved to Penn State-York.  It was great being reunited with her after such a long time.  Immediately after lunch, we all visited The Alamo, which was such a great thing to experience.  Being able to step foot at the exact location where history was made was incredible.  After that, we came back to the hotel and there was a Mariachi Band, which again, gave us the real authentic Texas feel.  This is the first trip to Texas for all of us, so being able to experience both the academia life at the NCFR Conference, as well as the authentic culture of Texas has been really exciting!  After the conference ended for the night on Wednesday, we explored downtown, which was like a ghost town, surprisingly.  Most stores and restaurants close around 6pm, so without realizing this, we explored town around 8pm last night, making it very challenging to find anything still open.  Luckily, after about an hour of exploring, we discovered an open Walgreens and thus we were able to get the grocery items we were looking for.  After that, we came back to the hotel and rested up for today.

First thing this morning, Dr. Amber Seidel presented research she’d been working on with Dr. Melissa Franks, while still at Purdue.  It was research that Amanda, Kaitlyn and myself had all helped with during our HDFS 390 Lab hours, so it was really interesting to attend.  It’s early afternoon here in San Antonio, so we have a Purdue reception tonight, as well as other sessions.  I will post in again tonight or tomorrow about the most recent happenings.

Thus far, NCFR has been an absolutely incredible experience & I’m grateful to be here!

Happy reading & Boiler UP!